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In Like!

Some things that are catching my attention these days...
LOST! Need I say more???!!! So many questions, not enough answers. Does it matter? What will we all do when it comes to an end?

“And there you have it, another body on the floor surrounded by things that don’t mean much to anyone except to the one who can’t take any of them along.”
— Mark Z. Danielewski, House of Leaves (SlaughterHouse 90210)

This Living Room
(Nacho Polo Interiors)
How gorgeous is the painted floor, gorgeous moulding, generous light, fireplace, stunning chandelier and book shelves. White is too impractical for me, so I would think a nice daffodil yellow on the walls and touches of fuchsia all around.

This Kitchen

(Whatever... blog)
Nothing fancy, but I dream of counter space and a stove top on the island.
"would you like some more of my delicious food while you mingle at the island?"
I am in the midst of my own kitchen remodel, of course my kitchen is the size of most people's bathrooms, so there is very littl…