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Costco Madness

Why going to Costco on a Saturday morning is a bad idea and what i learned from it:
1. I guess it is really cool to go to Costco at 9:30 in the morning on a Saturday. I had the brilliant idea that i would be the only one. Not so much.
2. You really should only go to Costco if you need to buy in bulk and lots of it. Not 1 mother's day hanging flower pot and some shrimp.
3. Men push their grown girlfriends around in the cart. And it's not cute.
4. People flock to the meat department and good luck getting your cart through and no one says excuse me... and they run you over and laugh at you.
5. Better yet, don't even think about pushing a cart around on a Saturday morning.
6. Parents fill their carts full of stuff and somewhere in there is a child that is told not to move and I keep thinking, but he is totally going to crush that lemon creme pie and i think he has frost bite because his mom just put 20 frozen pizzas in his lap.
7. People stalk you for your parking space and it's…