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Yocky Yocky!

I have plans to go out tonight, so the likely hood of making this squash recipe below is pretty slim. However, I will make this in the near future and sit and indulge. A note on squash: When I was a wee girl, I really didn't like squash, or any vegetable for that matter. But since I was a compliant child until the age of 12, I just went along with what my mom made for dinner, and didn't say a peep. Well one night, maybe around the age of 8, and a squash night too, I sat there swirling and mashing my squash into oblivion, wishing I could have something else to eat. "Why must I eat this gross squash", I thought to myself, "It tastes like crap and smells funny too!" So in one triumphal move, I raised my fist to the sky and in a loud voice I chanted, "YOCKY, YOCKY!" Not Yucky, but Yocky! Maybe I thought by saying "yocky" I had found the loop hole out of punishment. Yucky is not something you say to your mother's cooking, but maybe yocky …