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Bouqs - Happy Flowers!

I was recently contacted by Bouqs to receive a bouquet of flowers. Being that it is now super cold and snowy outside, flowers were the thing I needed to brighten my day.
I picked out the Hot Lava roses, because the colors, Hot Pink and Yellow were my wedding flowers.

They arrived Via Fed Ex on a day that I specifically chosen and they were beautifully and carefully wrapped. The flowers either come from an eco-friendly farms in the States or from an active volcano in Ecuador!!

There were clear instructions from Bouqs on how to care and maintain your flowers so they last a long time.

Ordering from Bouqs is a breeze!  There is a flat rate $40 for the Original Size with no extra shipping costs. And an easy 3 step checkout. You can't beat that!
They also offer 15% off your first order for new customers!

I was super satisfied with my arrangement, all the roses opened up and lasted well over a week. It's well worth checking out if you are looking to send a floral arrangement. You won…