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July Ends

I always get a little sad when the last week of July rolls around. In a few days, it will be August and then it's just a few short weeks until the beginning of the school year. And I know I'm spoiled with having my husbino home for the summer, but it's tough when he goes back to work. We just miss having him around. I know, cry me a river. So we've been making the most of our days by finding a nice mix of being around the house and also keeping busy outside the houses. 
Saturday we went to a wedding and also purchased some new phones. My old phone had died and I was stuck with a mini slider phone that even with my tiny fingers, was hard to text with.  So we upgraded to the maximus and have some pretty fly phones. I got an iPhone 5!! I've been wanting one forever and I am very happy with it! My coolness factor is so high right now,  and then I realize it's been a few days since my last shower. 
Sunday I sat outside on BLVD's patio with my girl Ellen and we chat…