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Krua you're so Cruel

A message to Krua Thai on University Ave.: The next time you want to close "Just for Today"... maybe not do it on a night that i am craving some pad thai goodness with 3rd degree burns on the side. The one day when my fellow burn your mouth off companions and I just want to sit and eat your amazing entrees and watch ANTM... please don't close "Just for Today". Thank you.

I am becoming the person that plans out her menus for meals the week before. What does that indicate? Is this a control issue or just a way for me to stop saying, "Now what am I going to have for dinner tonight"? This past week, since being back from MI has been nonstop, going out and getting together with friends. This will continue into the weekend up until Monday night where i will be making my first meal of the week. alone and in solitude. I used to be a hardcore introvert, and I thought once an introvert, always an introvert. But apparently that can change. Now don't get me wr…