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What's Been Cooking at Casa de Superfluous

I spent the better part of the weekend chillaxin', it was splendid. I did do some cooking however, where i made these too really delish meals:

Hong King Primavera with Spicy Peanut Sauce
Talapia with Chipotle Rub served with Tomato Lentil CousCous

Both were quick and easy to make. So quick and easy that I think I am going to re-make one of them as soon as I hit send. I don't want to be the crazy cat lady but my dad's cat had kittens and they are Ah-dor-able!
This is Noir, he is my favorite and I want him for Halloween. Meow.

Birthday Girl Vlachs your Face Off!

Happy Birthday to my favorite cousin Kelly. Can I say that? Yes I can! Because...
a: None of our other cousins read this blog
b: She IS my favorite cousin.

I love that for 3 months we are the same age... it just makes it so much easier to face the day.

Love yaz!