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Decorators Delight

Now that the word is out about the upcoming baby I can chat more freely about the questions that keep me up at night. One of them being, How do I decorate a baby's room for a baby when we aren't going to find out the sex? Actually that doesn't keep me up at night, but it's something I think about. I mean really let's be honest, we aren't really decorating for the baby, it's more for our own aesthetics and tastes. The room doesn't need to be neutral does it? How about lots of color & fun prints? I recently purchased my first baby room item, this print of You Are My Sunshine by thewheatfield on etsy. I love the colors and notice the little giraffes, my favorite animal. thewheatfield on etsy
I just want my baby to be surrounded by color, cheerful brightness from the start. This is another room that I am drawn too. I think you could tone it down so it isn't so pinky for a girl, and add some fabrics that might be considered more neutral?

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