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Starbucks Cocoa & Christmas Music

I'm so glad it's Friday. I think most people like Fridays because it's a break from their jobs. But being a mom is a job and I like to have some family time (and a break). I'm still trying to convince my husband to take Monday off too.
For now these are a few things getting me through my day....

I love anything Rosanna makes and I've been collecting her dish sets for awhile now. By far my favorite set by Rosanna is the 12 Days of Christmas. They are so cute and whimsical! Don't be jealous but a few years ago Macy's had the appetizer plates on CLEARANCE for about $30 a set!! Needless to say I picked up a few!

One other thing to make my day Merry & Bright is a Christmas playlist I created on
A mix-up of old and new, classic and non-traditional songs. I pretty much have this one on play the whole day long.
(And if you are a Pandora fanatic, She & Him Holiday Station is by far the best one out there!)

Merry & Bright Christmas Playlist