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Valentine's Clothespin Wreath

t's back!! The newest clothespin wreath in my collection. In December I made a Christmas Clothespin Wreath and now I have made a Valentine's Day wreath! 
The clothespin wreath was so fun and easy to make! 
Supplies you need:
Wooden clothespinsscrapbook papersWashi tape (or decorative tape) You can buy washi tape at Hambly,, etsy, Michaels or most craft stores)GlueThick cardboard for circle (or Michaels sells pre-made circle forms)Felt to cover cardboard (although I skipped that step)
Decorate your clothespin however you like. Mine were a combination of scrapbook paper, decorative tape from Cath Kidston and glitter. 

I attached my paper strips to the clothespins using clear glue, but you could also use Mod Podge. Then once all the clothespins were decorated I attached them to my cardboard circle. You will need as many clothespins that fit around the circle, so the bigger the circle the more clothespins you will need. 

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