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more random fashion thoughts...

Today I am wearing the dress over jeans look. I know it never reached complete popularity. I know that maybe only weird people do it, I know that some people think it's awful... but I had two dilemmas today:

1. No clean tights
2. A dress i wanted to wear but can't wear it like i used to. (as in I used to wear it when i was a lot littler and a runner)

So to solve that I am wearing jeans under my dress. Is this acceptable? Does it matter?
I am also wearing a long cardigan over the whole thing to tone it down. I am however, wearing purple shoes with a bow on front of them. I will not tone those down. I like bows.
I'm not usually clothes obsessed, because honestly I can only afford target\old navy\tj maxx, but I do want to look cute. The fun thing is, at this point in my life I am dressing to make myself happy. Lets face it some girls dress for boys, some (most) girls dress for other girls. I used to do both. Until I realized that boys never notice what you are wearing, or they do …