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Mom, Woman of Faith 2-16

Welcome back to "Mom: Woman of Faith".  Each Saturday a group of moms respond to a question essential to our lives as Christians and Mothers.  It is our hope that this series will spark reflection and growth for all those involved.  Please feel free to add your thoughts here or on facebook.

This week's Question:
What does it mean to be a Christian Wife?
Nancy Small Things
Simply put, being a Christian wife means partnering in the work toward achieving a Christian Marriage and Christian Family.  My husband and I took having Christ as a part of our relationship very seriously, even when we were first dating.  We strove for purity in the early part of our relationship and now that we are married we are committed to fidelity and true vulnerability with each other, things we can only achieve through Christ.  Although not perfect we pray together every night and are working to instill the faith in our young children.  It is our constant goal to keep Christ as the third person i…