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One step at a time

Well hello! I am have been absent from the blog world for awhile. Life is moving at rapid speed and I have hardly anytime to catch my breath. I'm not even that busy making wedding plans. I'm actually pretty relaxed about the whole thing. We did set a date, August 8, 2010. Yes, that means THIS summer. But I'm okay with that. I have my venue set, photographer, still deciding on the catering situation and I am going to look at bridesmaid dresses tomorrow.(Kelly, Rachel & Shannon, I promise to dress you in something fun, chic, sassy, cool and inexpensive) Everything is falling into place. It's strange planning for a wedding. All these big decisions to make for one day. I don't want to cut corners but I think some things are just ridiculously expensive and I don't want to pay full price. Is that bad? Like I'm really content with making my own bridal bouquets. I've read\watched a tutorial and know of friends who made theirs and it looks simple enough. W…