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I'm Free!

Happy 4th of July! Ahhh the joy of fireworks, friends and freedom... I spent most of the day relaxing, cleaning and being alone in solitude... but that gets old after awhile. Yesterday I was so busy! Lunch with my aunt Sandy at PF Changs (yummy jioazi!) then dinner at Krua Thai with Jeanelle (yum and Jeanelle you are a sweetheart!) and then late night Badminton with Kyle & Kelly. Good Times! So after spending part of the day alone, you would think that would be OK by me.. but I actually was anxious to be with people again! How can that be? Little ol' introverted hermit crab Sabrina coming out of her shell??? WOAH (say it like Joey from Blossom!) Thankfully Tabitha came over and we chatted for awhile and she brought over some really delicious cookies! We met up with Sarah, Ellen, Mark & Bonnie at TGI Fridays before fireworks. I love when people who have never met can sit and eat a meal and talk and share parts of their lives... Maybe I just love to hear …