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The Cat Days of Summer

Not much has changed, just living the dream with my boyz. Everett is getting bigger and smarter and sillier by the day. One of the things that I wish for my son, is not only will he grow to be happy and healthy but a big dork like his parents. I think he is well on his way. He has this toy monkey that hangs above on his playmat and he laughs and "talks" to that thing like it's his BFF. Unbelievably hilarious. We've been having heat wave after heat wave here and I don't mind a bit. Pretty soon it will be cold, snowy and gray. YUCK. This heat wave just makes us more eager to find a house with a pool... someday. I've been keeping busy as a "house wife" (such a silly title) by baking, raspberry picking, decorating, making curtains, pillow covers, and creating some artwork. (I'll post those things in the upcoming days) It's a tough job but i'm always up for a challenge.
And finally, my little cute house as of tomorrow morning 7/28 will no lo…