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The best of times, the worst of times...

Thanksgiving has come and gone. Family time was really fun! No stress, just laughs and crazy family frivolity. My cousin Kelly tells some of it here.
Now the days before Christmas are fast upon us. Time to decorate and get ready for the blessed holiday!
But first i do have to get some not so happy stuff out of the way.
My car is dying... or is dead? It depends on if my dad wants to fix it or not, or can?... My old crappy Subaru that i actually really do love is coming to an end. boo hoo.
My beloved cat Marius is on his last legs, literally... since he is having trouble walking. I've had Mr. Marius now for 16 years and I'm already mourning the loss. But I think it might be time to say goodbye, his body just can't carry him around and his kidneys just don't function the same.
I know he is just a cat, but I do love him a lot. And I'm sad to eventually let him go. (cue the water works)

On the brighter side... Because of the car fiasco I've been able to spend a bit mor…