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Just the facts...

I said I would get back to "real" blogging so here you go. Last week was a good week. The things at work that were not so good have gotten better. Relief. I can't even remember all that I did last week, but i was fairly busy. The interesting part starts Friday when I was invited out by some cool teachers at my school. I guess they think I'm a swell girl so my presence at their happy hour was crucial. Special. I can't write about it because:
A) I work with these people B) I work with these people Let's just say it was all very interesting, fun, but very interesting. I like them.
Saturday I went with Kelly to visit Auntie Lori. We also went to an art fair where I bought this bowl, made by Kelly's BFF Sarah's sister Emily. Did that make sense?
And then Lori bought me this rad round red bracelet.
Then I got this henna art on my hand.
No wonder the cool teachers want me around.
I finally got to meet Coach, Lori's wonder dog, but I prefer to call him Craig T. …