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Swoosie Kurds & Silly Selma

Kelly, Erin and I went to Cafe Barbette to celebrate Bastille day. I loved watching all the fun people and revelers enjoying such a fun celebration. It's so nice to be with my cousins and laugh and be silly. I also ran into a few people I haven't seen in a long time. Including my friend Kristy from my Northwestern and Trinidad days! She even called me Silly Selma, which is my nickname they gave me when we were in Trinidad. Most likely because we quoted the movie "Dancer in the Dark" every chance we had and I got the moniker of "Silly Selma", and it stuck!
Oh what a beautiful night for a French street celebration!

Toochis ofn tish!!!

Yesterday was a day like any other day. Though it was Bastille Day in France, and I would love to go there sometime for the festivities. I loved being in France so much! And I think about going back quite often. I was there for a bit of time 4 summers ago, I can't believe it has been that long now! I spent time in the French Riviera and then Paris, which was by far my favorite city in France. But when I was there I vowed to go back and experience it with someone I really loved a lot. Maybe someday... ooh la la! Today we will celebrate Bastille day and I will write all about it tomorrow. So back to yesterday. I spent a big chunk of the day with my mom and my brother at Walmart shopping for much needed necessities. We let Buddy pick out some movies and my mom said that I could get whatever I wanted. But I settled on a shirt, underwear, batteries and a magazine... nothing too exciting, but now i think I should've asked for a new Ipod!!! I think it was good to get my mom away from…