Saturday, November 1, 2014


This Halloween I didn't even bother to go out and buy new costumes. We just used the ones we had from previous years. I'm betting someday they will care about their costumes and will want to pick their own out, but for now they are little dudes who don't care. Our day consisted of spookifying the house, arts and crafts, games and treats at the Blue Note, dinner with the grandparents and trick or treating. 

spooky spiders

what does the fox say? 

don't shake the baby!! 

I'm still the baby! 

Baby's first Halloween

pumpkin people 

abstract pumpkins

lil' slugger

2 out of three

impossible to sit still!! 

Bat, Shark, Baseball Player

This was actually taken on the morning after Halloween. But it's kind of spoooooky!!! 

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