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TWD ~ Oatmeal Breakfast Bread

Hello! I'm baking again! It's been awhile because I've been a bit busy planning... a Wedding! Last Sunday I got married (see previous post). So I have put Tuesdays with Dorie on the back burner. But I am officially back and ready to bake. My hubby is pretty happy about that too.
This week's recipe is Oatmeal Breakfast Bread. Not sure why the recipe signals out the oatmeal, when I think the star of the show is the dried fruit. (I just used dried apples, someone who I love very much detests raisins). I also left the walnuts off the topping too. So really this was more like an apple cinnamon breakfast bread. Either way the whole house smells delicious!
I took it out of the oven when the bread turned a golden brown. Dorie says you should wait until the bread is room temperature to cut it and eat it. But we couldn't wait! Complete success... it might now even make it to breakfast!