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Bloody Mary

At 3:00am(!) I get a text message from Jaime, inviting me for bloody marys and the Vikings game Sunday afternoon. Cindy called me in the morning to confirm, and after talking to my mom, I decided to kill two birds with one stone, kinda literally that is. I have been bird sitting for my mom and so I brought the bird out to my parent's house and then i met up with cindy & jaime for bloody marys and to watch the Vikings play and lose. I never thought i would be a bloody mary fan, but i think they may be one of new favorite drinks! Probably the reason I didn't like it was the thought of drinking V8 tomato juice as a kid, and that has always grossed me out. But my palate and tastes have changed. And so the bloody marys i drink have delicious flavors like Tabasco, pepper, celery salt and other great flavors. They don't even need to have the alcohol to be tasty either. We hung out and ate pizza until Andy and Magnus showed up. Magnus was a foreign exchange student from Swede…