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Small town girl, trapped in the big city.

Time for an update, *sigh, I am still sick. :( Although, I am not as sick as I was earlier this week, I am still pretty run-down. Which is a big fat bummer (BFB!) because I was supposed to go to a concert tonight! Shannon and I got tickets to see Miranda Lamberts at Mystic Lake Casino. We even got a hotel room, so we could have fun and not have to worry about driving late at night. But alas, I am still not well enough to go. Shoot, I even got a cowgirl hat when I was in Texas that i was going to wear. I still admit to not liking country music, but there are a few country artists like Miranda Lamberts who are really fun to sing a long to. Shannon was very understanding about me not being able to go. But that still makes me sad!
For the rest of the evening i will be doing what I have been doing best, resting. I am border-line stir crazy...its strange not being around anyone for this long. So many of my friends have offered to drop by or bring me what i need... but I really don't want…