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We were on a break!!!!

Happy Friday friends!!! (Did you get my blog title reference? Even after all these years I still use Friends quotes. Do you?)

We are just hours away from my husband being on Spring Break!!!!! We don't have anything too exciting planned, but it will just be nice to have him home for a week. However there will be a few things we are planning on doing...

I will be making a couple of recipes from my favorite Magazine

We are going down to Winona, MN (birthplace of this Actress) to visit the in-laws.

And we plan on seeing Hunger Games as many times as we can!

I want to send you off with this video. My mom sent this to me. Hula Hooping is her new favorite past time and she claims it's the best work out ever!
I apologize if you never want to read my blog or be my friend after watching this video.

Happy Weekend!