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Isn't That Special!

I feel special today! Not only am I 38 weeks preggo today, but one of my favorite blogs featured my bird fabric lamp on her blog today! With Two Cats is a really great blog about being a mommy and decorating and all sorts of fun stuff. I pretty much just lurk on her blog, but I am a follower! So today she posted things that caught her eye on her follower's blogs. I honestly saw my lamp on her blog and thought, Someone else has my lamp! I'm a little slow these days!!! But hopefully this baby won't be slow coming... yesterday my doc said I was 1/2 cen dilated and 50% effaced... so it's a start.
Please pray and send happy thoughts to my friend Heather of the EO who is in the hospital with some pregnancy complications. Let's hope her little acorn girl can hang out much longer and grow nice and big before she makes an appearance.