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Sunny San Diego

Here i am back from my little vacation in San Diego. My mom and I went to get some sun after this long dreary, cold and snowy winter. When we arrived in San Diego on Sunday night we were greeted with sunshine and warmth and lots of color! We stayed on the bay at this hotel on Shelter Island. It was so beautiful! On one side of the hotel was the bay with all the boats and the other side is the ocean! We tried to fit in as much as we could in 3 days, plus a drive over to Palm Springs to visit my mom's friend. The highlights were Balboa Park, with all the flowers and beautiful Spanish architecture! Totally reminded me of Sevilla Spain!

Balboa Park also has a gorgeous rose garden, can you believe it, Roses in bloom in March! After that we made the big drive over the (kinda freaky) Coronado Bridge... Which we found out that it isn't a stable bridge! The navy can move it around to get the big freighter ships through!!! Coronado was a nice town, lots of cute shops and a great beach!…