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December 1, 2007

Christmas Card Wishes...

Solid Gold

Yesterday, one long day... but many good moments. After a long day at work, with the kids being extra squirrly because it was Friday, it was nice to walk out the door. I headed to Target to do some last minute food shopping for the party I was to attend. As I was loading up the cart with ingredients to make a taco dip, Kelly texted me to meet for dinner. I met the Vlach's for dinner and enjoyed a most delicious meal of Sesame Chicken. Then it was time to run home, make the taco dip and get ready for the GOLD party. As I mentioned in an early posting, my friends Sarah, Ellen & Stacy were having an open house\Golden birthday party. So the obvious theme of the night was gold, and impressively a lot of people actually wore gold, including kyle in his gold tie. I had so much fun just mixing and mingling, with old favorites and new faces. One of the funniest parts of the night was when Sarah's brother said to me, "You are Meow and Yuck right?" referring to my blog ad…