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Er makht mir a shvartzeh khasseneh

So my Yiddish phrase for the day is the title for this posting which means "He's making a lot of trouble for me", or literally: "He's making me a black wedding"

Now I don't know who "He" is, but yeah there is a lot of trouble for me... So I have come to terms that this isn't going to be the July of my dreams, but at the same time, does that even matter? Life is so short and people are so precious. One minute they can be there, and the next they are gone. I know I take for granted even the smallest of moments. So I am learning to find contentment in the small things, and in the everyday moments and conversations with those that I love. Even in this time, I am blessed with friends who want to make sure I am happy and having fun... I was talking with Sarah tonight and I was really touched by what she said. She said that she would be praying for my family, but even more so that i would be immensely blessed! I do feel blessed as it is, so I don…