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Beach Day!

Day 5: Today was a beach day with Kelly... ahhh
Sun, Sand & Swimming With my Frida bag, sunglasses and big hat... Ooh and this is going to be a busy weekend, so my posts may be on the few and far between... but here is a preview: Friday will be spent with Monika who is back from the Dominican Republic... Friday night i am meeting up with Shannon & Cindy to head to Cindy's Cabin to spend the night & Saturday having fun out on the lake... Saturday night I'll be at my parent's place making a cake for the birthday party on Sunday. I'm making Red Devil Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting. Though Kelly gave me the brilliant idea of adding beet juice to the frosting to naturally color it! I love it! Sunday we will be celebrating my Grandma's 79th birthday and my cousin Erin's birthday! And even better, Erin is back from Cambodia and it's been ages since we've seen her! And I will top Sunday night off with Connecting the Body group... And then I will start…