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Camping in High Heels

Don't let the title fool you, i don't really camp in high heels, although this was the first time i packed high heels in my camping bag.
Shannon and i have been planning a camping trip for awhile. It so happens that there was also a wedding we were invited to in Duluth, so I had the brilliant idea to camp at Jay Cooke State Park, which is minutes away from Duluth. So we headed out Wednesday afternoon and headed up to the camp grounds. After a forever (it seemed) drive to Jay Cooke we finally arrived, set up the tent and got some brats going on the grill.
We awoke that night to the sound of heavy rain and i even started to feel drops in the tent! WHAT! I guess we left a hatch open or something. Thankfully we stayed pretty dry overall and didn't float away.
Thursday morning we made some ham and cheese melts and then headed out for a hike through the park. We walked over the swing bridge and then hiked by the gorgeous river. How beautiful. I love nature. It started to rain again…