Thursday, August 2, 2007

Humble Pie

It's a rather somber day here in Minnesota... well maybe for me it is. I watched the news for most of the night last night, after hearing about the collapse of the I-35W bridge. The situation merited text messages and phone calls and e-mails from many different loved ones. Me checking on them, them checking on me. My heart is heavy for so many reasons. First of all I feel the sadness of the those who have lost their lives, the families, the after-shock that comes with such tragedies. I think of all the kind people who helped each other out, Good Samaritans, if you will. I pray for the people that have still not been found. It is a sad time. My heart is also heavy because just that day I was having a mini-meltdown about the seemingly trivial crap in my life. Though I am not one to discredit individual pain, I do however, think in this situation, I can be such a baby sometimes! Crying out to God for relief of my own pain and hurts, yet all around me there are pains and losses and tragedies that are far bigger than my own. I don't know, if anything it is humbling.

On a lighter note, I made a Banana Creme Pie last night... I wasn't sure what to name it.
And on a not so light note I am reading a book called, "The Other Victims, first person stories of Non-Jews persecuted by the Nazis." by Ina R. Friedman.
I will talk more about it later, but lets just say it's not a light summer read.

Peace and blessings. Jehovah-Shammah.

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