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Longing for Spring

Over at The Inspired Room we were asked what are 20 things we are looking forward to this Spring.
Here are 20 things i am longing for this spring:

1. melting snow
2. green grass
3. wearing my pink galoshes
4. my tulips
5. budding of trees
6. spring break!
7. visiting my dear friend Rachel in Michigan
8. school year ending
9. going on walks
10 Easter
11. Easter candy! candbury eggs! mmmm
12. decorating with all my spring\Easter decor
13. opening my windows and letting the fresh air in
14. not wearing a jacket
15. No more socks! only sandals!
16. starting seeds for the garden
17. ice melting on the lakes
18. skirts and dresses
19. putting out my patio furniture
20. sunlight late into the evening!

Feel free to leave your own "Spring Longings"....