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Blog Love!

Our sick hiatus is over!! Poor baby caught a nasty cold with a fever. It was so heartbreaking to see him so miserable. But now we are all so much better and it's time to clean the house. When the whole family has been sick for 3 weeks, not a lot gets done around the ol' casa. I posted on Facebook yesterday that I found a dust bunny that was bigger than the baby!! No lie! It was huge and gross and inspiring me to clean! 
But before I get moving, I wanted to highlight a few of my new favorite blogs. I hope you pop by and say hello!  

Cassie from Primitive and ProperAimee from It's OverflowingRose from Fragment (Consider Revising)April from Blackheart BettyChristina from Sweet Lavender Bake ShoppeAlicia from La FamilleMegan from Miss Madison's Charmed LifeShannon from Upon a Dream
Anyone got anything exciting besides cleaning going on this weekend? I hope it's a good one!