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I'm kinda getting really excited!

When you work in the library of a public school, during the summer it turns into a ghost town. No teachers, No students, No administrators... Just a handful of custodians and office secretaries.
My summer consists of working the months of June & August, and having the month of July off. Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy the students and the teachers are great. They all keep me on my toes. But it is also a nice reprieve to have quiet and order in a library for a change. You wouldn't think that a library\media center would be loud and chaotic... but IT IS! I am antsy just thinking about what my days\weeks will consist of come June 4th....
1. Loud(er) music from (no hushed tunes so kids wont get distracted, as if!)
2. LCD projector + big screen = movie days! (cause you can still work and watch movies at the same time!)
2.5 *Added movie bonus*... If I'm watching documentaries (which i love) no one can accuse me of wasting time. They are educational. der!
3. Breakfast on…