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Just in case you were dying to know...

My weekend went something like this:
Friday night I went out to the Carver County Fair. I hadn't been there in years. I used to be in 4-H and I would show my horse there. Back then it was cool to walk around the Midway and meet cute boys. Those days are long gone, well the 4-H part at least, I still like walking the Midway, making friends with the Carnies. So I went to the Fair and Shannon, Jaime and Cindy were there. Cindy is on the fair board and gets to drive around in a cool golf cart. And she is officially attached to the hip with her new\old boyfriend John. Jaime also brought her new boyfriend Kevin. He was nice, and he thought we were silly\strange\deranged\funny. True. I also hung out\played games to win goldfish with an old old friend from High School named Mike. Mike and i dated in 6th grade. It was like old times. But no kissing behind trees at recess.
It rained, and that wasn't so great. It was strange being back. Even weirder bumping into people I haven't seen s…