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I'm Leaving on a Jet Plane...

By this time tomorrow morning i will be on a plane to Michigan. I will be visiting my BFF Rachel, and some other friends from long ago. This month will mark 10 years since I left everything that was familiar and moved across he country to New Hampshire. It's hard to imagine that this much time has passed, some days it feels like I just left. My time in NH was difficult and wonderful all in one year. The best part of moving there was meeting Rachel. I knew the moment I saw her that we would be best friends. We have seriously gone through so much together, loss and birth, boyfriends and marriage and moves criss-crossing the country. Yet here we are, still as close as the day we met, probably closer, because we have shared so much history. I am looking forward to just chillin' and doing what we do best, just being our goofy selves. I will report back with an update of my travels probably Monday night next week, when I return. peace.