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If a blog is typed in the forest, will anyone read it?

I hardly ever do random thought blogs anymore. I used to write about anything and everything that was going on in my life. Now, I just blog about home improvements and food.
Which is fine because I do love crafts and baking and merriment.
I never did do that Facebook 25 random things about me... so maybe I will do that now?
A little bit about me, cause you wanted to know. right?

I have dark hair and hazel eyes and almost webbed toes. almost!

I am a Libertarian.

And a Librarian.

I am a pacifist, which can mean a lot of different things to different people. But let's just say I wont punch you.

I have strong beliefs\faith in God, but I'm always on a quest for what that means to me.

I am very shy, but am learning to get over it.

I will always be a hermit though.

When I am home alone I sing and dance around. A lot.

I wrote a book once, gave it to a boy, and now I want it back!

I love my friends and family so much, but I never feel like I sho…