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TWD~Pumpkin Muffins

I know, I know, its not Tuesday, but since i will busy both Monday and Tuesday nights I had to do my baking on a Sunday. I was really happy about making pumpkin muffins, so very autumnal. Did I make that word up? Sometimes I think I make words up. Acknowledgement is the first step to enlightenment.
When it was time to make the muffins, I was once again faced with the fact that my muffin tin that made 12 muffins grew legs and walked off. Where would a muffin tin wander off to? I mean sometimes I used to find my muffin tin making out with the cookie cutters in a dark corner in the pantry, but to up and run away on me is just plain cruel. So i had two choices, use my silicon heart shaped muffin molds or my JUMBO muffin tin (well not mine, hey Kelly, BTW, I still have your jumbo muffin tin). I chose to make 6 Jumbo muffins. Because: A) I work at a Middle School B) My co-workers act like middle schoolers 5) giving a heart shaped muffin to a boy co-worker would = rumors x) Jumbo muffins have Just…