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TWD~Twofer Thanksgiving Pie

I am just going to be totally honest and say... sorry Charlie, not making this one.
I have my reasons, I'm really not trying to be a stick in the mud.
I could make it for my work pot-luck, but i decided to make something i could share a little easier, like chocolate chip pumpkin bars and pinwheels.
I could make this for Thanksgiving but my family just wants plain pumpkin pie. Elitists!
Hey what do you get when you put a Libertarian, a Socialist, A few Democrats and a couple of right wing Republicans in a room?
My family.
What, were you expecting something funnier?
And finally, I don't like pumpkin pie, and I don't like pecan pie, the thought of the two together scare me... So why would I, two weeks in a row, make something I don't like? Life is too short. Enjoy what you make and make what you enjoy!

Happy Thanksgiving my fellow TWD pals! Have a beautiful and thanks filled day of blessings, mirth and good food!!!