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This weekend was one of those weekends just for pure enjoyment. Work on Friday was actually pretty fun too, with a little party and a cake I made. It was also Jeanelle's Birthday (Happy 30th Jeanelle! You are wonderful!)
Friday night i had some friends over and we ate treats, talked and laughed. A lot. Saturday Shannon and i went to Ikea & the Mall of America for some power shopping. Have I told you i kinda don't like IKEA and the MOA bugs. But Shannon and i still found ways to have fun and amuse ourselves no matter what we do. I am not ashamed to say that we might still possibly be stuck in jr. high. Which reminds me of a few months ago when Shan and i went to a movie. When we walked into the theatre no one was in there. Sitting there on the top row with my Sour Patch Kids, I said, "Do you think I can throw one of these and hit the screen?" She told me to give it a whirl... So as hard as I could I whipped a sour patch kid at the screen. I didn't hit it, but S…