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Bad Threes

I always say bad things happen in threes, including celebrity deaths.
It started the other day when Ed McMahon passed away. And I thought, there will be two more soon. Sadly, I found out today that Farrah Fawcett died, and when i heard that, I thought, I wonder who will be the third? I really wished I had not said that. Because I just found out that Michael Jackson died of a heart attack.
When I was in first grade I went to school and a girl was playing a tape and it was the coolest sounding music I have ever heard. I asked her, "what is this?" and she said,
"It's Michael Jackson, duh!"
Up until that point the only music I had ever heard was, Country, Christian and Oldies. And when I heard Michael Jackson that day my love of Pop music blossomed. Yeah Micheal was a little weird, but he was an amazing performer and great songwriter. So sad.