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Who says painting is fun????

This weekend seemed to go on and on... which was good, because i got a lot done. I closed on MY house on Friday. All went well... And there really weren't that many papers to sign. Actually i was pretty zoned out when i was signing papers, pretty typical when people start talking in big words and financial matters. Nonetheless, I have a house, my very own. And I've already have had visitors! Shannon came over Friday night and Kyle and Kelly on Saturday. Yay.
I also spent Saturday morning at a very lovely baby shower for Jeanelle. I even got to see the illusive Sarah and Megan and baby Nori. Nori loves me by the way... so don't believe anything you read on Megan's blog! Sarah and Ellen threw a great baby shower and thank you for not having games!
I spent the rest of Saturday and Sunday taping, priming and painting. I really don't get it when people say they like painting. I just dont get it. But thanks to my parents help, I have a pretty yellow living room and a truly…