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Girls Night Out...Part Deux


Friday did finally come around. The girls from WMHS met up in Jordan, MN at Jaime's place. Shannon, Cindy, Jaime and I enjoyed a delicious dinner prepared by Jaimes... We headed out to do what I call, The Carver County Pub Crawl! We enjoyed good times and drinks and laughs at the local bars, putting to good use Jaime's BOGO card. I saw a few people I hadn't seen since high school. Including a very creepy teacher who is still creepy!! YIKES! (and Puke!). Overall we had some good laughs and no one got into any fights, although we came a wee bit close at the T-Road Tavern, but that is a whole other story. At the last bar, we girls stayed to close the place down and headed back to Jaime's to crash. We had a great breakfast in the morning and I headed out to help my friend Ellen move into Sarah's place... now i must chill, and maybe there will be more fun to have later... but for now this party girl is sleepy!