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A Dome, A Dog, and an Ex-Patriot

Well it's the end of one long week... Tonight I went to see my Beloved Twins at the not so loved Dome! Speaking of the Dome, what are they going to call Dome Dogs when they move to the new stadium? Hmmmm? So Kelly, Kyle, Erin, Lori and I went to see the Twins play and share some laughs. Afterwards was probably the goofiest part and only because I have insane cousins who are as demented as me and like to say and do crazy things! Kyle, Erin and I went to Byerlys for a treat, that was fun too. Everything is more fun with people who know how to be silly without fear of others judgement. Who really cares what other people think anyway? But then this goes back to my blog posting, "Known vs. Alone"... people want to be known, but they are too afraid to put themselves out there... so they end up alone. Sad.

Oh and i had one of my favorite sandwiches for lunch. For $2.50 you can get a lovely Pork Rind Banh Mi sandwich at Saigon Restaurant on Dale & University. Their Pho isn&#…