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Backyard Love

It's almost patio season!!! The best part of my house hands down is my back yard and patio. This weekend the patio furniture will come out, big bulb lights will be strung from house to tree. The hammock will be hung, and I might even mow my grass for the first time since the fall.
Soon my lilacs will bloom, after that the hostas come back and the ferns too... Then in June i get the most beautiful Peonies! Everyday I bring bunches upon bunches into my house, to work, to my friends.
All winter long when the days grow colder and longer by the minute. When nothing but snow and ice cover every inch, I find solace in the fact that someday I will by out in my back yard, swaying in my hammock, reading books and then chasing after my cat. Breathing in peonies and roses, naps in the grass on shabby chic sheets. Lounging in my swim suit catching the rays, sipping cold water and hearing the distant mowing of lawns and chirping of birds. Having friends over, grilling, playing badminton and laug…