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Blog Buddies

As I was washing my dishes, looking out my kitchen window... thinking about writing something. And also watching, So you think you can dance (BTW, Mia Micheal's choreography is AMAZING!).
Anyway, I thought of blogs and then i thought about how this strange little thing has happened via blog... people have become friends. Complete strangers, now conversing as if we had known each other all along. I love checking comments on one friend's blog and then seeing another friend (who doesn't even know said friend) leaving a comment. Look at this, friendships are being forged over a silly little thing called a blog. I love seeing Julie and Heather talk mommy stuff, and Kelly and Megan going back and forth with their hilarious dry sense of humor... and then there is Jodi, who i still have never met, but love her blog and her Simple Perfect Life.
Plus there are many other blogs i personally frequent, because i saw their link or comment on a friend's blog. I like this little world …