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I have a bad laptop at home so I didn't realize that my background color yellow was SCREAMING at people, so I've toned it down for you. Thank you Sabro... MY EYES! MY EYES!

I had 5 lovely days off of work!
The fun started Tuesday night when I invited all my crazy co-workers over for a little partay. We ate fried food, put on a fashion show and danced to the Jackson 5 on my record player. It was probably the most fun I've had at a party in a long time.
Dance, Sing, Go Crazy! Lather Rinse Repeat!

I also had two Thanksgivings dinners, did some power shopping, decorated both my parent's house and my house inside and out for Christmas. AND I got to see my long lost Michigan transplant Shannon! Thanks for dinner! I wish someone would pay me in Layers. Priceless.

I will post some pictures of my Christmas decor... it's so cute I could barf.