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On Friday night, the H2Otown girls made it a night out, with some culture. We went to the Chanhassen Dinner Theatre to see Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat. Shannon, Cindy and I, and even JAIME! made plans to see this months and months ago, and Friday night our Dreams were fulfilled. It was a great Vegas Style production with glitz and showy costumes and fab singing. About 3 songs into the show, Jaime leans over and says, "They are going to sing the WHOLE thing????" Poor Jaime, this was a new experience for her! She was a trooper though and didnt fall asleep once!
So the night out was fun and more fun! We were all goofy and giggly during the dinner and show, and then after words at Houlihans for some dessert and a nightcap. But that is the best part about my ol' HS pals... we can have fun no matter what we do, and we always laugh and laugh until it hurts! GO GO GO Us!