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Three years ago I started working at my current job. I started my job, leaving a job I hated and recently broken up from my boyfriend. It was a debbie downer time of my life. My first month at my job I hated it and decided to quit over the summer. The summer came and went and for some reason I just didn't feel right about leaving my job. So I stayed. And it was the BEST decision I ever made. That fall when all the teachers came back from their summer vacation I noticed a cute looking guy checking me out during the teachers meetings. Actually i realized the clock was above my head and he was just checking the the time. sigh.

Over the years we became friends, I developed a crush on him and then we started dating last November.

Tim is my best friend, my number 1 fan, my supporter and the person who makes me laugh day after day. Soon he will be HUSBAND!!!

Last night he proposed and I said YES!!!

It was the best night of my life and I am so excited to share the rest of my life with him!!!