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Supermarket Sweep

Lately, every time I go to the grocery store, random people start talking to me. I'm not exactly sure why, maybe I seem like a friendly person, maybe I look like I know what is the best thing to buy? Who knows? Either way, it is completely random. I could say, oh well, maybe that guy asked me about avocados because he thought I was cute? But I have women ask me questions too, young & old at that. Typically it is in the produce isle when people ask me about a certain item. "Do you think those peppers are hot?" "How do you quickly ripen avocados?" "How do I know if the sweetcorn is sweet?"... so I smile and offer my best advice and wish them good luck. But this is the ironic part, I HATE grocery shopping! I find it to be one of the worst tasks I have to do in my life. It fits somewhere between filling my gas tank and answering the phone. I guess I just find that grocery shopping is a lonely task. Of course now I might start having a change of heart …