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A Night at the Airport

Kelly and her Cheddah Weenah!

Last night I received a text message from Kelly... saying she was eating Jalepeno Cheddah Weeenahs from Big Steer.... The next thing I know, Kelly & Kyle show up at my house along with my very own Weeenah.... and we are off. We planned on going to McGoverns for a brewski and to catch the Twins Game. Unfortunetly, Nelly Furtado was playing at the Xcel, so St. Paul was insane. We then cruised on down to another bar in Highland Park... but alas, that place was packed. So against Kyle's wishes and Kelly's assurance she could get us to Champs in 10 minutes, Champs it was. The next thing I know Kyle is busting out his drum solo with his electric drumsticks.... Kelly must have been lost in Kyle's talent on the Snare that she went the wrong way. And low and behold where did we end up: The MSP Airport! We made a quick loop through check-in, a stop in Sacramento, then back on the road. Kelly's joke was... "The National Threat Level is at Or…